Public-Private Partnership

Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc. (“EAS”) cooperates in a strong partnership with local fire service agencies – the strength of which, is the quality of care and service that the citizens receive. [Read more…]


Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc. (“EAS”) believes that being a community partner is almost as important as providing the highest quality patient care. [Read more…]

About Us

Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc. (“EAS”) has been a respected leader in the delivery of ambulance transportation in the Southland for over 40 years.

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Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc. (“EAS”) carefully selects and employs the best and brightest EMTs, RNs, RTs, dispatchers, clerical workers, support personnel, supervisors and managers in the area and invests greatly in their professional growth and development to the direct benefit of the community.
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Patient Care

Quality patient care is the foundation of our business.  We realize that our patients are the only reason we exist and we feel they deserve no less than the absolute best we have to give.misc 069 (2)



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