Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc. (“EAS”) believes that being a community partner is almost as important as providing the highest quality patient care.  Community involvement at our company means being an active participant in local organizations, attending and often leading community events and aggressively pursuing a localized public safety educational campaign.

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At EAS, we realize that a community is not just where we live and do business, but also whom we touch.  Ours is a familiar face around the LA and Orange County areas, where we touch hundreds of lives.  Many companies provide ambulance service.  One of the things that set’s EAS apart from others is our level of Community Involvement.  In the areas we service we participate in special events, charitable causes, and local leadership activities.  Our management team members are encouraged to participate in service organizations and to serve on community oriented boards and commissions.  Our relations and community involvement makes our bonds stronger and our contribution real.