Employment – FAQ’s

What are the availability requirements to work as an EMT at Emergency?

As a new Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) employee, EMTs are required to have full-time availability. This availability consists of having four days of full, 24-hour availability, and the ability to work a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Our orientation is two weeks of in class and field training Monday through Friday.

Do I need my ambulance driver’s license before I apply and/or start working at Emergency?

No.  However, you are required to obtain your Ambulance Driver’s Certificate within 10 business days following your date of hire.

Will my driving record be reviewed as a condition of employment?

Yes. All EAS employees must be eligible to drive (unless medically restricted) and we do not have any attendant-only positions. As such, all candidates are required to obtain a driving record (H6) and bring in the original DMV H6 record to their EMT testing and interview day. Candidates who do not bring in a valid and/or current driving record (H6) will not be allowed to test.  All driving records must be dated within 30 days of each candidate’s EMT testing date.

I submitted my application a few months ago and some of my information has changed. Do I need to submit a new application?

Yes. While we do store all applications within our database, once submitted, there is no way to make changes to old applications. Based on this, it is better to submit a new application so that we could have the most current information for each candidate.

What does the EMT hiring process include and about how long does it take?

The first step in the Emergency Ambulance Service EMT Hiring Process is the online application. Once the application is received, Human Resources will notify each candidate within a week of submission with further instructions. The next steps in the process include a very thorough testing process and a preliminary review of each candidate’s driving record. If given a Conditional Job Offer Letter, candidates will need to complete a comprehensive background and a medical physical. If hired by Emergency, new hires will be placed in the next available New Hire Class. New hires are required to have open availability during the first two weeks of training. Overall, candidates can expect the entire hiring process to take about 4-6 weeks.  Please note that this processing time is an average and that it is calculated from the date of application submission to the date of actual hire.