About Us

Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc. (“EAS”) has been a respected leader in the delivery of ambulance transportation in the Southland for over 40 years.

Founded in November 1977, EAS proudly serves both Orange and Los Angeles Counties.  

When we began, we operated out of a small office in the City of Brea with only one ambulance on-duty.  Today our company is longest-serving, family owned and operated ambulance provider in Orange County.  We offer more than 80 local jobs and operate three fully functional base’s throughout the area. We built the company based on service and commitment, and those philosophies and principles still apply today.

One of the hallmarks of EAS is its family culture.  That value continues today, even though our organization has changed over the years. Unlike many companies that lose their focus on their cultural roots over time, EAS strongly embraces the importance of relationships with its employees.  We are equally committed to relationships with our external customers; our patients, the community, other responders and allied healthcare professionals. To this end, the small-company, family oriented feeling of EAS endures and is the base of our company culture.

With more than 40 years of experience, EAS is confident of its ability to continue providing cost-effective and quality ambulance service to the communities and clients it serves – one patient at a time.